Appropriate research methodology for your chosen research topic.


  • Restate study purpose as described earlier
  • Preview major sections of the chapter:

 Research Design and Rationale

  • Restate research questions exactly as described EARLIER:
  • State and define central concept(s) / phenomenon (a) of the study:
  • Identify the research tradition:
  • Provide rationale for the chosen tradition:

 Participant Selection Logic

  • Identify the population (if appropriate).
  • Identify and justify the sampling strategy.
  • State the criterion/a on which participant selection is based.
  • Establish how participants are known to meet the criterion/a.
  • State number of participants/cases and the rationale for that number.
  • Explain specific procedures for how participants will be identified, contacted, and recruited.
  • Describe the relationship between saturation and sample size.


For each data collection instrument and research question, provide details of data collection.

  • From where data will be collected?
  • Who will collect the data?
  • The frequency of data collection events.
  • Duration of data collection events.
  • How will data be recorded?

 Data Analysis / Explication

For each type of data collected identify:

  • The connection of data to a specific research question.
  • Type of and procedure for coding.
  • Any software used for analysis.
  • The manner of treatment of discrepant cases.


Summary of main points of the chapter.


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